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Services we provide

Net Doctrine provides a customer - oriented approach to the development of custom applications and value generators. We analyze customer needs and we offer developers experienced in the latest technologies.

Our Cloud applications give you the reliability and security of stored data, easily accessing data from anywhere and any device. When it is necessary, we can use a hybrid approach that allows the use of internal resources of the client and external servers.

VoIP is a technology that allows phone calls to be made using any Broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line. Depending on the destination of the calls and the typology of the dialed numbers, costs can be reduced by up to 70%.

We focus on our client’s needs,
high quality of code and timely delivery

1. Custom Software Development

Together, we can achieve the most efficient and innovative software applications, no matter what industry you are part of.


Services we provide:

- Robust custom applications built from scratch for different industries (medical, servicii financiare, turism, auto, retail și distribuție etc.).
- Migration of desktop apps to web apps.
- Re-designing existing applications..
- Upgrading and improving software applications. 

To optimize the development process, we build our workflow using the most suitable and efficient methodologies: Scrum and Agile.

2. Cloud Software Development

Cloud solutions allow storing and accessing data and programs over
the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.


Key Benefits:

- It is low cost and the initial investment tends to zero.
- Reliability and security of data storage.
- High flexibility – you can easily access data from any place and using any device.
- Adjustable scalability - you can scale up and down easily depending on the workload.

Platforms we use: Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Google App Engine.

3. Telecommunications Services (VoIP)

VoIP takes analog audio signals from your phone, turns them into digital data and transfers them over the Internet.


The advantages of using VoIP:

- Increased productivity of an organization by allowing their employees to multi-task without interruption.
- Increased flexibility and mobility than traditional cell phone calls.
- The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone.
- Easy to install, to use and to troubleshoot.

VoIP Components: outgoing calls, record calls and store them, daily backups, click to call and outbound automated calls.

IT Project Analysts

We analyze the feasibility and the effectiveness of the IT project and come up with the best strategic recommendations.

  • Project Analyst - the project manager, the business analysts and the solution architects will work with the client to analyze business requirements and propose an implementation solution that suits their needs.
  • Service automation - if you want to automate your business streams, our analysts are ready to analyze and recommend software applications that can be integrated into your business.
  • Unrealistic Ideas - if you have a program/application/system idea, we will study it carefully, we will consider all the details, develop a detailed technical specification and help you implement it.
  • User Interface - in addition to technical details and code, we attach great importance to the end user and the interaction between him and the software application.
  • Support & Maintenance - we provide support services that help keep your software applications at optimal standards throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Do you have a great idea and want to turn it into a
successful software application?

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